Sand Dollar Shores 

Renters & Guests


Guests must fill out the Notification Form below and submit to the Association Office.

A guest is a person who is not an owner or a lessee of the condominium. When the owner or lessee is not present, guests may not in turn invite guests or visitors to use the common facilities of the condominium.

An owner who is not in residence shall notify the Board of Directors through the Association Office in advance of the proposed occupancy of the condominium unit by any person other than the owner.

Lessees and overnight guests must register and obtain vehicle ID stickers by the next working day.

The owner of the condominium unit shall make available to lessees and guests a copy of the Rules and Regulation and apprise them of the importance of compliance with them, and will also provide all necessary keys and gate openers.

Any person who is not an owner, but will be occupying a unit for 21 days or more, will be considered a lessee and is subject to all the terms and conditions associated with leasing a unit including the filing of a LEASE APPLICATION FORM and the payment of the applicable fee.


All lease applications must be submitted to the Association office (30) days prior  to occupancy along with the required processing fee ($100).

Owners shall not lease their condominium units for less than 30 days.  Lessee is not permitted to sublease.

No condominium unit or part thereof shall be permitted by the owner or his lessee to be used  as a hotel, transient apartment, or motel.

A leased condominium unit shall not be occupied overnight by more than six (6) people.

The lease of any condominium unit shall be approved by the Board of Directors. A unit owner processing a request for approval to lease shall certify that the lessee has been provided a copy of the Sand Dollar Shores Rules and Regulations, that the lessee has read the same, and agreed to comply. The owner submitting an application for lease of a unit shall accompany said application with a copy of the proposed lease.  No unit may be leased to a corporation, company, partnership or any other business or commercial organization.

The unit owner is responsible for all damages to common elements including building, equipment and furnishings caused by his/her lessee.

Lessees and guests must register with the Condominium office within 24 hours of arrival  and obtain vehicle I.D. stickers.

Only owners can purchase a gate remote.This will be the only means of access to Sand Dollar Shores.

No pets are permitted on premises at anytime for
lessees, guests, or visitors.